Monday, February 22, 2016

Back to School, Sort Of

A beautiful morning to you! 

I'm off today to talk about Appalachian storytelling with a college class. I've been to this class--telling ghost stories, talking about Dr. Ruth Ann Musick and her books, and singing ballads--each semester for the past 3 or 4 years. One of my favorite repeat gigs :)

I'm taking a coupe of things with me this time. I won the carved picture in a drawing at the West Virginia Folk Festival. I think it's a pretty cool piece of folk art, even if a picture of a headless man might be an odd thing to have hanging in the living room.

Also taking this fellow. Do you recognize him/her/it?

I usually hear a few stories from students during my presentation. These students come from all over the country (and sometimes from other countries as well), and often have little or no knowledge of our state's cultural heritage--even those born and raised here. They're always great listeners, and it's a pleasure to be with them, even for this little bit of time.

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Quinn said...

That does sound like a fun gig :)
And I am very curious about your little sidekick!

Susan Anderson said...

Wish I could be in the back row at that presentation…


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