Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Travel Stories

A bit of traveling the past few days, and as usual there was stories to be heard.

1) Three little girls, all wearing pink in some way or another--shoes, coat, pants--were running around and around a Civil War-era cannon at the local courthouse.

One, with long bouncing blonde hair and bright blue eyes, stopped to look down the cannon's barrel.

"I think there's a snake in there!" she shouted. "Run! Run!"

All three took off running faster than ever, shouting, "Snake! Snake!" Ah, to be so young and full of imagination again!

2) At a local convenience store, the young male clerk greets every customer with a smile and a cheery hello. On a recent visit I got my coffee and as I was leaving he called out, "Thanks for coming in! I'm so glad you got to see me today!" He made my day.

3) At the auction last week I was standing along the wall, watching the action up front. A man offered me a chair but I declined, saying I could see better. A few minutes later an old folding wood chair came up for bid and I won it.

"Well," the man said, "you didn't need to buy a chair. You could have sat here for free!"

I love to stay home, but I have to admit, I would miss out on stories like these if I stayed home every day. This past week has been one of being on the road, for mostly mundane things but it was all good. Tomorrow is a home day, and I am looking forward to the quiet again. But I will still smile remembering the stories and voices of the past week.

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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I was with a group of walkers in Derbyshire once. As usual our lunch time break was too long for children to sit still while their parents needed a little longer. Knowing the area well I suggested that the children might like to see what was in the little cave at the top of the slope. When they came back we asked what they'd seen and one little girl breathlessly exclaimed "The ghost of a baby dinosaur!" Such imagination!

Susan Anderson said...

Great stories. I especially got a kick out of #2!


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