Sunday, April 17, 2016

Finds of the Vintage Kind, Old and New

I'm taking a break from painting and mulching to sit down and write. That way I won't feel guilty about stopping! I don't think my hands will ever come clean again, what with two or three shades of paint and the dark color of the mulch apparently imbedded. I won't even mention my nails.

But it's been a good weekend, lots of things accomplished and lots of time in the sun. I've had a little time to hunt up some new items for the booths too, not a lot this time but junking has to take second or third place to all the other work so necessary in the spring. Some of these are things we've had a while, others were more recent.

 We actually found this deal table a few weeks ago, in Princeton, WV at the Landmark Antique Mall. It's a great place to visit and we came away with a lot of great deals.
 I need to remove the contact paper on top, but I almost hate to, the pattern is so retro.

We've had the red chair a while too, just brought it home from a booth this week to do some work on it.
The green table it's sitting on was another find at Princeton. 

This table is a real old-timer--check out the handles on that drawer!  We will do a little work to it, but not much because it's pretty primitive-perfect as it is.

The white 3-tier tidbit tray in the center of this photo is something we've had for a couple years. It's actually brass and I tried selling it on eBay and in several of our booths with no luck. So it got a coat of paint. Will it sell now? I don't know but it looks pretty anyway.

I love, love, love this plate and platter! These were 50% off at a local antique mall this week, so they came home with me/ I sure wish my gardens looked as pretty as the one in this cottage garden! The Pyrex piece on the right is actually a coupe (rimmed) soup bowl, which will go with 6 others I found recently to be sold on eBay. Oh, and the counter jars were a find this past winter. I cleaned up the lids and painted them red--they're keepers!

I don't think I've ever seen glass jello molds before. These are from the 1930's apparently. The crystal candlesticks were in one of our booths a long time with no sale, so I am debating what to do with them now. And the red, white and blue tumblers were a more recent addtion that I just cleaned up to go to a booth.

Don't you love this piece? This was a Goodwill find this weekend. I am sure it once had a lid but I like it anyway. I think it's going to be staying here a while.

I also found a set of 8 opal Pyrex tea cups this weekend. No saucers, but I thought these were pretty cool.

I can't remember the name of the artist who makes pottery like this, but it's very collectible.

This one says "Whoa!" in the bottom. The last one I had said "The end" in the bottom. The glass tray is Federal Glass, I believe, and came with a pitcher and glasses. I have a set like that at the Marietta antique mall.

I found this  pretty compote at Goodwill this weekend too. I don't know the pattern so it will be a research project for this evening, I think. I must have 20 compotes now, but when I find them so cheap I can't pass them up.  Oh, and the table has been in our booths for about 2 years with no sale, so it came home to get a coat of white paint, and then maybe it will sell. I think it's so pretty as is, but apparently I'm the only one. The crochet book is booth-bound; it has all kinds of cool patterns in it, but guess who can't crochet.

This was another 50% off piece at the antique mall. Who says bargains can't be found in antique stores?

One more from the Goodwill, this handstitched quilt! I think it might be an import, but I can find no sign of any label ever having been attached to it, and there are none like it on eBay, at least on the 50 or so pages I searched. Such pretty colors!

Another piece I've had a while, that got some white paint to spruce up the pitted, rusty metal bits. The brass frame I'm debating--it has the original vintage ad in it and if I paint it white, there goes the vintage value. On the other hand, these just sit in the booths unless I paint them. It's a dilemma!

That's about all that's been incoming, with the exception of some men's baseball caps that (did you know?) sell very well on ebay and some men's NASCAR shirts that also sell pretty well. I've branched out a bit with online sales, into some men's and vintage women's items with pretty good success. It's been an interesting learning experience, especially since I know diddly about NASCAR and have to research numbers, drivers, teams, etc!

Tomorrow I hope to have photos of the two little desks I've been working on this weekend, and maybe another of Larry's projects, if we can get them all finished. Til then, my friends, take care!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Always enjoy your posts.

Quinn said...

Are those jello molds Pyrex? I've never glass molds before either. I wonder if they might have been used for fancy molded ice cream desserts...maybe with ladyfingers arranged along the sides and ice cream packed in the middle? I dunno. But now I really want some ice cream ;)

Michelle said...

I do like that green table. I have a similar one in my kitchen.

Granny Sue said...

Quinn, that's an idea. I can't imagine dunking it in hot water to loosen the mold! Seems like it would break. Ice cream, though, is logical--and safer :)

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Joy. You know how this fever is!

Granny Sue said...

I am glad I'm not alone in liking it, Michelle. It took a lot of work to get it cleaned up, and it's kinda sad that no one has bought it yet. Maybe if it's white it will move?

Brighid said...

Love the green table and the red chair. Good finds are kinda hard to come by around here at the moment, since those picker guys came through. Everyone thinks their stuff is worth a lot more than it is.
The mug with the horse is a Hadley. Very collectable especially the Mary Alice Hadley pieces. I had a bunch of pieces at one time, only two mugs left...sigh

Granny Sue said...

Thanks,Brighid! I could not remember the name last night. You know, as soon as someone says "that's old, that's an antique" when I'm looking at their stuff, I stop looking because I know the price just escalated beyond anything I can pay. The TV shows have a lot of people thinking their stuff is worth $$$$--sometimes it is, sometimes it's just...stuff and in bad condition at that. There's more to the reselling business than it seems at first glance. Lots of cleaning, research, repair...time. Lots and lots of time.

Susan Anderson said...

I love that platter…not only the pattern, but the shape of it!


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