Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How Do You Work?

It's a typical day here. Get up at 7, put in a load of wash first thing. Second thing, make tea and coffee. Sit on the couch and read poems or stories for 20 minutes. It's good for my soul and starts me in a good frame of mind.

Then check eBay, Facebook, email, my blog--just keeping up with the world while I drink my first cup or two of tea. Maybe I write a poem or a blog post, or just catch up with friends' blogs.

Next, porch time, planning our day, with another cuppa whatever.

Then one of us will make breakfast, and I am just getting dressed and getting the next load of wash in. For two people, we make a lot of laundry. I check online for a method to take the cupping out of a piece of wood and find an awesome youtube video.

After breakfast, we take our coffee to the porch again. It's too pretty to ignore the beauty around us. We need time to just soak in it. I can't wait to try that method on the wood though, so I drink my coffee fast and get the heat gun, spending about 20 minutes to heat the boards and see if the warp goes out. A lot of it does, enough to be okay.

Then by 10 we're off on projects. He's got a whole list and starts off the get the spray for the carpenter bees but gets sidetracked by the cabinet he's working on. I start for the chair I need to buff and put a seat on, but see the gladioli bulbs and remember that I wanted to get those in the ground first thing. So I head off to plant.

While I'm doing that, Larry is putting Bondo over a bad place in the eaves where those #%&! bees have made a mess. I go to the porch, see the two tables I started work on yesterday, and get a bucket of water and a scrubber to get one cleaned up. That done, I come back inside to get that chair buffed, but stop a minute here to type this post.

And that's the way the whole day goes. A mixture of this and that, not long stretches, usually on one thing, but 20 minutes here and there until later in the afternoon when I settle in to a project and stay with it for a while.

This works for me. Maybe I'm a little ADD the way I seem to have multiple things going on at once, but it makes the days fly by. And with my old aching foot, I have to take some sit-down time to give it a rest.

So, what does a typical day for you look like? Are you the same way, moving from one thing to another all day, maybe with two or three jobs going at once? Or can you just settle in and focus on one task?

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Brighid said...

I used to stick with one project til it was completed, now I work on several at a time. They call it multi tasking, it seems more like a crazed chicken dance to me...

Michelle said...

I am much the same. I have a few things going on at the same time. I enjoy it that way. I like a slow wake up in the mornings. I still teach and get up a bit earlier so I don't have a rushed start to the day.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Yes indeed. Your day made me feel happy, stuff gets done just not in a linear way.

Jenny said...

I stick to a job until it's done if my husband is home. ;)
Something about him being home makes me want to work harder.....I don't want him to think he's married a bum! He never pushes me to work me, he actually encourages me to take it easy.

When I'm alone I tend to go from one thing to another, mainly because my body hurts. Changing pace/jobs seems to give me more endurance.

I seem to get the same amount of work done either way most of the time.

Susan Anderson said...

We kind of take it as it comes these days. Before my husband retired, we were much more organized about the way we went about our day. He is still more organized than I am, though I manage to get a lot of things done in my here-and-there way.


Quinn said...

I think I'd likely get more accomplished if there was someone else here working away at things also. Not the same things I'm working on, just someone else being busy with projects like you two are. Lord knows I wear myself to a complete frazzle on the days when I have my hired helper here!
Most days, though, all I have to do is step outside and keep moving....there's always something needs doing, everywhere I look. And I can't sit without increased pain, so I pretty much have to stay in motion. It's slow motion, but at least I'm moving! ;)

Granny Sue said...

Yes, it really helps that there are two of us. When one of u feels unmotivated, the other can usually push along. I understand about the pain too. I don't have it like you do, but it's coming along nicely, daggone it.

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