Monday, April 11, 2016

Larry's Latest: The Keystone Cabinet

I showed my latest projects yesterday, but not Larry's. Here's his completed Keystone Hoosier-style cabinet.

This one needed a lot of work: a new back, new bottom, and he had to rebuild a drawer. And paint, of course.

Here's a little of what it looked like before, which I showed a while back. We bought it last May and it's been patiently waiting until we got to it:

It is such joy to see life return to an abused piece like this.

This one is headed to the Antique Mall of Marietta tomorrow. Now, let's home it finds a new home.

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Quinn said...

That is a very impressive "rescue"! Hours and hours and hours of careful work, I bet.

Michelle said...

Very well done! So nice to see a beauty like that brought back to life.

Susan Anderson said...

Gorgeous. I don't think it will last long…


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