Sunday, April 10, 2016

Stuff In, Stuff Out: Projects Update

These are finally ready to go. I thought I'd have them done two weeks ago but I've dawdled. It seems that I get a project to a certain point and I just stop. Maybe I get bored with it? I don't know, but my boss needs to ride herd on me a little harder. Anyway, they're done and will be the booths sometime this week.

 First is the little dressing table that was blue. After much sanding and paint removal, I realized that the top was stained too badly to restore to its original wood finish. After thinking over colors for a few days, I went with General Finishes Coral Crush with a white glaze and some stenciling. Then added a chair from our stash, painted GF Antique White with a quilted pink and white seat.

    I added a little stencil on the back of the chair just for fun.

I like the way the mirrors fold in. I painted the back of this piece as well, since the backs of the mirrors could be visible when folded in.

A little detail. I found the pale pink frosted knobs on eBay.

This ol' guy was a right mess, and I ended up leaving him with a rough and rustic look. I really like the look of the bind handles on him. They were another eBay find. I used General Finishes Driftwood gray, and after sanding the drawers I used a motley mix of Barn Red, Driftwood, and Millstone along with bits of the remaining paint colors already on the drawers to create this look. It won't be everyone's taste for sure, but it's unique. The insides of the drawers are painted in GF Linen.

On the left is an upcoming project. We picked this up this week. Isn't it a cool shape? Lots of veneer issues, unfortunately. I really don't want to paint it but I will certainly have to do some areas. The previous owner did some weird, bad patchwork that will have to be dealt with. At least all of the original pulls are with it, and all the drawers but one are in pretty good shape. It's a good quality piece, but I see a lot of work ahead.

These little cabinets on each side a hat boxes, and the drawers in between were probably for gloves. I think this dresser is probably a 1920's piece, judging by its art deco look.

Curved--just so cool.

And look at this detail work! I am thinking that I will paint the drawers and leave the framework in the original wood finish since the damage is mostly on the drawers. The question is, what color?

A few other incoming pieces:

This one needs only replacement hardware and some new paint and it's ready to go. Check out the painted design on the doors.

Two more vintage kitchen cabinets. The one on the left needs all kinds of work, but for $10 it was a good buy. The white one needed some repair on the door, new glass in the door, and some repair on the drawer and of course a paint job.

We have our work cut out for us, I think--and there are a lot more pieces waiting on us. There is such pleasure in seeing them finished, though, that it's worth the effort.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy sign Sue, I loved seeing the finished pieces (love the colour you picked for the dressing table and mirror and the stencilled details). Looking forward to seeing how you finish the 1920's era dresser and the other pieces.

Brighid said...

always enjoy seeing the pieces that you have redone. Giving new life to old things is an art form.

Quinn said...

That little tall cupboard is just the kind of thing I need for storage in the angle between my chimney and the kitchen doorway. I've been thinking of building a simple floor-to-ceiling set of open shelves in that small and clutter-attracting corner, with each shelf just big enough to hold one of my Pyrex pots. It's On The List. (Oh that list!)

Susan Anderson said...

Great stuff. I often wish I lived close enough to drive some of these pieces home!


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