Sunday, June 26, 2016

Helping a Stranger

It is what Americans do when devastation or tragedy strikes--they reach out and help.

Right now I am trying to help a young single mother who lost everything in the recent West Virginia floods. I prefer myself to give directly to an individual rather than through agencies so I know the money does the most immediate good. Money is the most immediate need; later she will need stuff. But for now, she and her two daughters are living with her father in his trailer, and she has nowhere to put anything. So stuff can come later, right now they just need to get through the next few weeks until they can figure out what their next steps must be.

If you would like to help please send an email to me at or message me on Facebook and I will send you more information. Every little bit, no matter how small, will help.

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Susan Anderson said...

Sounds like a wonderful project. Sadly, we are helping the congregation of a small church get back on their feet after a bad fire upstate, so my budget is tapped out this month. I do wish you the best, Susanna, and my prayers are with you.


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