Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Flood: Day 3

It is not so easy to return to everyday life, knowing what is going on in 44 of West Virginia's 55 counties. The photos of flood damage are horrifying. I find myself looking at them again and again, trying to wrap my mind around what happened, what is happening.

For now, I only look at the pictures and feel overwhelming sadness. I am waiting to find out which of my friends are affected and how best I can help them. I travel all over West Virginia telling stories and I have friends in so many places in this state. Clendenin and Richwood are two of the places close to my heart and to see this devastation is so hard. Right now I know the best thing I can do is stay out of the way of the emergency workers. I want to be there, but I know I'm old, and I'm not in shape for the work required. But it's not so easy to just watch, knowing how terrible it is. I'll donate what I can; that's all I can do.

If you want to see more, here is a link to a Facebook post with almost 400 photos. Many of these places are places I know and have been often--some of them as recently as this past Sunday. How strange it is, and how sad, to see them now.

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Celia said...

I think people out of the area don't realize the extent of this disaster. The pictures on the FB link really tells it. Hope you and yours are okay.


This is heartbreaking. I cannot grasp this devastation to that many counties. Hard for the mind to grasp.
I'm helping through Amazon Prime. Happy you are able to help as well. Hugs, B

Brig said...

People that haven't been in or around floods don't understand the damage they can do. We had 4 related families staying with us at one time during a flood, when I was little.
I hope you and yours are out of harms way.

annie said...

So very sad, heart breaking indeed!

Susan Anderson said...

Such devastation is heartbreaking to witness. I would guess you are seeing people really pull together, which is always comforting. These disasters remind us how much we need one another, and I guess that's why the Lord allows them to happen. You are all in my prayers.

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