Thursday, June 2, 2016

In the Gardens

So much rain we've had! I'm afraid to complain because it may do as it did last year and dry up about mid-June.

I took my camera for a walk this evening after the daily shower. Not too many pics and none of the vegetable gardens because I managed to slip on some wet rocks today and my wrist isn't very happy. I'm hoping a night's rest will have it feeling better. The good thing about being left-handed is that a leftie is pretty comfortable using their right hand for things like typing.

This metal frame was a faux wicker rocker someone put out for the trash. We picked it up and I sprayed it pink. Gave it an interesting new look.

Lobelia is one of very favorite of the smaller pot fillers.

 Daylilies are starting to bloom now, and my sister's sparkly "watering can adds a pretty touch. I need to get the daffodil leaves pulled. Ah well. It will have to wait.

One view of one veggie garden, anyway! I'll have to let Larry take the camera for a walk tomorrow to show what's happening out there. They're looking beautiful thanks to plentiful rain.


I'll post some photos of the newly painted porch and deck tomorrow. Nothing freshens a place up like new paint!

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Jenny said...

You have such a beautiful garden.

Gretel said...

I love your garden and it looks so big! I also love little surprises in a garden, like pink chairs and flowers planted in unexpected utensils. Wishing you good gardening weather and speedy recovery with the wrist.

Quinn said...

It's raining lightly here this morning, so maybe I'll be able to skip watering the baby beans today. Hoping to plant cukes and popcorn and squashes over the next few days. If I get all the veg planted, I'm planning to treat myself to a perennial flower plant from the feed store :)

Rowan said...

Gardens are always so pretty at this time of the year. Hope your wrist feels better soon.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

The garden's looking good, Sue. Hope the wrist is soon good too.

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