Saturday, June 4, 2016

Porch Painting Project

I posted these photos already on Facebook, so you may have already seen them. I am so glad to get this project done. It was one of those "We'll get around to it" things that kept being put off but finally made it to the top of the list.

EVERYTHING needed paint--the furniture, the deck, the porch. I painted furniture while Larry used the sprayer on the porch and deck. He's one of those get-it-done guys, just spray! Which means that any plants nearby are also wearing some red paint. Ah me. But they'll survive and be green again, and the painting job got done so all is well in the end.

 I used a plastic cover from the dollar store on the table top, because the top is pretty bad--just plexiglass and has paint drips all over it. But covered, it looks just fine.

Our favorite sitting place in warm weather, and even when it's pretty chilly out!

So, marked off the list. Now back to furniture and booths!

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Quinn said...

Gosh, every bit of it looks gorgeous! You and Larry did a great job. And I love your hanging swing! I'm trying to find the right seat for my porch, as at the moment, even my old LaFuma lawn chair/recliner is bothering my bones. I even tried a futon frame (bought at a tag sale last year five dollars) but it was so low, I couldn't get up fast enough to scare off the hawn that was landing next to my hens! Fortunately, the lack of altitude didn't affect my vocal cords, and I "swore" that hawk away.
Enjoy relaxing after all your hard work :)
(Oh, and I only spend about an hour per year on FB, so I'm glad you posted the pictures here or I never would have seen them ;)

Jenny said...

Oh it looks so beautiful! I love your big porch.

We're planning the same job, hopefully this coming weekend. It's going to take us much longer though because we'll be staining & it has to be brushed on. I am dreading it & anxious to have it done.

Brig said...

The Cowman and I built a 12x20 deck on our house, of clear cedar. It was a thing of beauty if I do say so myself. I googled that house recently, they have painted it white. Could have cried...

Your porch is beautiful. I love oil cloth covers for picnic tables, remember when there were rolls and rolls of it in the hardware store. Not any more, at least around here.

Granny Sue said...

It is sure a job to get this done--last time was 4-5 years ago and it didn't hold up very well. I am hoping this stain lasts longer.

Brigid, I would feel the same way--painting cedar, what fools! This deck was pressure-treated pine so you know it has to be taken care of or it will be gone in a few years. We tried the Thompson's Water Seal on it but didn't like the way it looked; the wood didn't turn a very pretty color after it had aged a couple years and the water seal didn't help it, unfortunately. So we've been using colored stains, topping with the waterseal.

Anonymous said...

Love it. What color porch paint did you use?

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