Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rose Moon, Flower Moon, Strawberry Moon, Birthday Moon

Native Americans had names for each full moon, instead of names for each month. Sometimes the moon of a particular time had more than one name, like June. I added one: Birthday Moon, because the full moon came on my birthday this year, the Summer Solstice.

Whatever you call her, she was beautiful as she rose over the high Alleghenies. We drove up to the Scenic Highway, hoping for a glimpse even though the forecast was for rain showers. We got lucky.

We walked back a trail to an overlook with a breathtaking view. As we waited and talked, we noticed clouds rolling in. But then, there she was, pink with the rays of the setting sun:

A little hide-and seek, but finally, 

 then back to being shy,

and ahhhh...

It was getting too dark for me to take photos. I am not very good at night photography, but I did like this one,

but this, I think, was my favorite all evening. The transition of the moon from pink to gold to silver was heart-stopping. I could have stayed all night.

We stayed a long time though, just talking, sharing moon legends and a song or two. 
Kirk, our instructor, recites a poem
Checking out the softness of a spruce tree's new growth.

It was a night to remember, the night of beauty before the rains came.

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Nance said...

Beautiful photos of a Strawberry Moon. I had a wild week so blamed it on the Solstice / full moon.

Susan Anderson said...

I am so impressed by your photos. I couldn't begin to capture the moon like you did. Wonderful!


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