Friday, June 17, 2016

Such Beauty: Day 2, Sandstone to Jumping Branch

A quick post this morning as I have to leave very soon for the WV State Folk Festival in Glenville, WV. I'd hoped to write this post last night but our power was off for quite a while. I am not complaining, because it rained at last! After the past few weeks of dry weather, we are in sore need of rain.

Sandstone Falls overlook:

Along the way:

In the little community of Jumping Branch:

I'll have more about Jumping Branch in a later post. We heard some good stories here.

Later, friends! Off to tell some tales!

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Jenny said...

These photos make me ache with longing to go visit again.

We used to drive through Jumping Branch on our way to visit my grandmother. Every time we crossed the creek my mother told us to jump. :) She'd warn us as we got closer....'Get ready to jump!). We'd all jump in our seats. sometimes she'd tell us to pick up our feet as we crossed so we didn't get them wet. She was always such a tease!

Nance said...

Sue, I'm always taking photos too. In order for you to get somewhere on time, you have to allow double travel time, I bet. Jenny, I love your 'visiting grandmother' memory. When my folks would take us 9 children to visit somewhere, we'd want to know how much farther. Dad would tell us a 'whoop and a holler' . . . so us kids would yell 'wwwhhhoooop and a hhhhoooooolllller! But it was always a little further than that. Thanks for the memories.

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