Thursday, June 16, 2016

Such Beauty There Is: Stories, Friends, and Scenery, Day1

The past two days were storytelling days, but also a mini-vacation for us. We traveled to central and then to southern West Virginia on this trip, and re-visited places we haven't seen in some years.

Our first stop was Craigsville, in almost the heart of the state. We arrived early so we had time to stop at the tiny Dairy Bar--I mean tiny! There was room inside for exactly 4 booths, and there was an outside pavilion with more seating. We ordered the medium root beer floats, and I am so glad we didn't go for large because they were huge, and delicious. It's been a long while since I had a root beer float and it tasted just fine.

Then it was time for storytelling. This was my first visit to the vibrant Craigsville Public Library and I was so impressed with the amount of support they receive from their small, scattered community. This is a very rural area, miles from a Wal-Mart or other major retailer but the library was the place to be, apparently. The staff help make it so with their friendly service and welcoming smiles.

The kids here were great. We played with stories, really--masks, puppets, kazoos, and other props allowed us to make believe and make each story our own creation.

This year my stories focus on fruits and vegetables--who knew there were so many good stories about them? I'm also teaching the kids to sing The Eggplant That Ate Chicago and to use kazoos with the song. Each child gets a kazoo to take home.

I hope parents aren't raining down curses on me for that! If you don't know the song, here is the Top Ten hit from the 60's:

We were so lucky to be able to meet up with our friends Granny Kate and Mark, who suggested lunch at Mumsie's Iron Skillet in Richwood, just a few miles away.

Then we were off to Hinton to stay the night at a new place, Three Rivers Studios, a building still being renovated but offering nice little studio apartments for rent. Here's a peek inside:

Lots of photos on the way there, but here's one for now. I'll post more tomorrow.

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Jenny said...

I can't wait to here & see more. Hinton is one county over from where I grew up in Monroe county & we traveled through it many times a year on our way over the mtns to visit my grandmother in Beckley. So fun.

As far back as I can remember libraries were a big deal in WV. We had a bookmobile that came through once a month & parked right in our front yard! I grew up in a converted one-room school house that was at a 'major' rural crossroads. So they parked at our house & all the neighbors came to check out books. It was like a big party.

I loved the smell of the books & the librarian never hurried me as I sat in the little room & browsed. She always had books she'd picked out for us - each member of my large family. We were all big readers, especially my dad. My parents always had a list of books they wanted to read & she would try to fill the list for them.

We were pretty excited when Peterstown built their new library. It was round & my mom took us through the summers. It was in the school yard so during the school yr we were given library time & were able to check out books to take home. Eventually I was able to take myself as often as I wanted when I learned to drive. It still was never as fun to me as the bookmobile.

I would love to sit in on your story time.I am sure I'd have such fun even without any kids to bring with me.

Quinn said...

sounds like you are having a fine time! Bet those kids will be spinning off this experience all summer long.

Rowan said...

Sounds as though you've had a good trip. I love root beer but have only ever had it in the USA, if it's available over here at all it must only be in a few places I think.

Susan Anderson said...

What a great service you are providing to these kids! And yes, I'm sure the parents will be *thanking* you a million times over for inserting that song into their lives…


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