Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What's New at Marietta

We made a flying trip to Marietta at the end of May to fill in the space left when the sideboard sold. These two cabinets just happened to be ready, thank goodness.I'd intended to take one of them to Ravenswood, but c'est la vie. The smaller is already on layaway-it's actually a married piece, with the top being a small wall-mount cabinet and the base an old record cabinet. Together they make a compact size cabinet perfect for kitchens with limited space. I painted them both a deep brown, then white chalkpaint, then distressed and sealed with General Finishes Top Coat. New knobs added a little more character. 

The corner cabinet just needed paint and distressing to jazz it up a bit. It had been painted previously with one of those antiquing finishes to look like wood, but it really just looked bad. So, chalkpaint, distressing and wax put it to rights again.

The smaller one has a lot of storage space for its size.

And the corner cabinet made a good place to display plates and teapots.

I brought in the mushroom canisters and then realized I'd left one lid home! I put them out anyway rather than haul them back home and take a chance on breaking them.

Added to this booth is the old Victrola that a man built into a new oak (or possibly chestnut) cabinet. It came with a few 78 rpm records. We moved the oval treadle-base table last time we were there to make space for the Hoosier cabinet we'd brought in; the washboard in front of it is a new addition.

Chalk fish, mirrors and miscellany fill the pegboard along the walkway. I need to do some rearranging here when I get time.

We added a little more jadeite to this booth. It sells well here but not so well at our Riverbend booth for some reason. Maybe just not as many collectors in that area.

Last photo is of kitchenware in the smaller booth. It's too cluttered for my liking but there was no time on our last trip to do more than just tidy up and get those cabinets in place. Another job for my next trip, which might be some time in coming because the next two weeks will be pretty busy for me.

And that is one of the joys of having the booths--I can tend them on my own time usually, working them into my schedule as needed. Occasionally we have to go in a hurry, but most of them time they can hold until we come again. That fits well for our lifestyle.

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annie said...

I love the cabinets, that's a good marriage of that one.
Love seeing all the old dishes!

Susan Anderson said...

You always seem to find good stuff. And I bet you have a lot of fun doing it!


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