Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What's New in the Booths

Since so many pieces left the Riverbend booths lately we added several new things yesterday. Here's a peek.

This dresser came to us without a mirror and missing a couple drawer pulls. We had this green mirror at Marietta, and it looked like it was about the right size. I thought to strip it but I liked the way the green looked with the oak. We also had extra pulls in our hardware stash.

I finished up the chairs to go with the farmhouse table. The next several photos show the details on the chairs a little better.

I had these washtubs on my deck, filled with soil and flowers, but decided it was time for a change so they came to the booth. They're not perfect, but still pretty cool.

This small washstand was also on my porch for many years. It's a real primitive piece but has such charm.

Don't you love the scooter? I remember having one like it when I was a child.

More from my own porch! I had these two iron chairs and the little table on the porch but I'm trying to downsize the amount of stuff out there, so they came to the booth a couple weeks ago.

After the china cabinet that held the quilts sold, I needed somewhere else to display them. We'd just got this oak table and I planned to paint at least the top. However, it came in handy as it was!

A gold teapot! Highly reflective and just so pretty! Maybe a golden anniversary gift?

We brought the old doors (there are two of them) to the booth last week, and they're already on layaway. I need to work on the pegboard wall display--it's getting disorganized as things sell and I just hang something up quickly to fill the space. A project for the next visit.

That's a quick tour of some of the recent changes at Riverbend. Soon we will need to get back to Marietta with new items so I'll do another update then.

For now, it's back to working on Summer Reading programs for state libraries. The first is this coming Friday. Yikes! Where has this Spring gone?

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