Friday, July 1, 2016

Mercy Me! The Fairplain Antique and Flea Market

Just getting started, not even unpacked.

Basically, setting up for a long weekend antique/flea market is like setting up a big booth at an antique mall--and then taking it all down again four days later. It's a LOT of work! I watched the pros setting up and realized that they have this down pat. First they hung tarps or sheets around their stalls. Then they put up lights, then the shelves.

This is our first venture into selling at a short-term place like this, and it's been an experience. We didn't bring sheets or tarps; we didn't bring lights. We had tables but not enough of them, and no lights. I'd brought some sheets to cover our stuff up when we were closed in the evenings, and those ended up on the stall walls. Not the colors I'd have chosen, but hey, it worked. Larry went home and got cords and I had brought some lamps to sell so we were able to plug up some lights. We also brought our old fan, a godsend. I used crates and whatever I could find for additional display space and we were set. After about 16 hours between us, the booth was ready to open.

We got there early this morning and that gave us time to tweak things a little more. Sales started out early and brisk, and that seemed to set the pace for the day. There were a few lulls but we were busy all day. I did not bring anything very expensive--almost everything was under $50--and I think that was a good strategy because people were looking for small things, and for things that would fit into cars, vans and SUVs. The biggest sale all day was $60, but there were lots and lots of small sales that added up to a very good day, above my expectations. Maybe that's because I said Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit this morning?

We noticed what was selling and Larry made a trip home to get more of the same. Being there alone was not so easy--no bathroom breaks, no time to wander and browse. But it was doable, and now we have new supplies for tomorrow. We also came home and looked for more--quilts, chairs, small tables, primitive/rustic items were the sellers. Glass, not so much. In fact, hardly at all.

Tomorrow we'll be up and out early again, and I hope we have another good day like today. Even during slow periods it's not boring because it was so interesting to watch what people walk by with! I'll have to remember to take better photos too--most of the ones I took today with my phone were blurry, so I'll be back to the camera.

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Brig said...

I love to go to those types of shows, more to see what the going things are, and how displays are done, than to buy. I have done a couple booths in times past, and you are right, it's a lot of work, but fun too.
Can't wait for more pics, and to find out what is moving best.

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