Saturday, July 2, 2016

People Watching at the Flea Market

The Fairplain Antique and Flea market is a great vantage point to watch the world go by. Like:

The young boy in worn boots and jeans, whistling as he walked by with long strides, hands in his pockets.

Two year old Aubrey, who offered to stay and help, her dark brown eyes serious as she touched my hand.

The 87 year old Marine, Korean War vet, who walked straight as an arrow.

The older man from Weirton who spoke so wistfully about apple butter as he looked at the kettle we had for sale. A jar will be in the mail to him soon.

The little girl with a dollar who wanted the $3 beanie baby...of course she got a $2 discount.

The tall, thin young man in black carrying a pink guitar.

The two women who met in our booth and discovered that while they both had roots in Jackson county, they were both now living a couple blocks apart in Indiana, and had not met before this moment.

The little girl there with her father, a vendor, who befriended another older man who was selling milk bottles in the booth next to us. She became his very best friend, bringing him little gifts she'd made.

Fred and Tom, elderly vendors across the aisle from us, who lived a continent apart but got together several times a year to sell or fish, or just to visit, friends since high school.

The man with one arm, the one in a wheelchair, the woman with two canes, the young father carrying a sleeping baby, the mother with four adopted daughters...

It was been an interesting day at the antique market.

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Quinn said...

Wonderful - I love the Indiana neighbors :)

Brig said...

So interesting to watch people, thanks for the glimpse of a day at market.

storytellermary said...

I love that you made the little girl happy. <3
My mom used to sit and people watch on outings, never mentioned being tired of walking, just said, "I'll sit here and people watch a while."

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