Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Port Isaac: Doc Martin Country

Port Isaac was high on our list of places to see in Cornwall. It is the site of the BBC series Doc Martin, and for us to say we're big fans is really saying something because we don't have TV at our house, so we don't know many of the shows most people watch, and don't like much of what is on television today. But I found this series at the library and we ended up buying the whole set. Being able to actually see the place in person was so exciting, and of course we came home and watched the whole series over again.

I don't have words to describe this place. Beautiful, quirky, scenic, steep, quaint...all of those, certainly, and more I will have to let my photos do the explaining for me.

If you click on this first photo to make it larger, you will see on the far top left street an orange dot. Just keep that in mind. This first photo was take after we had walked through the village and up onto a hill.

From the same hill. I remember this part of the coastline from some episodes in the show.

Here we are just walking into town, looking for familiar sights. We recognized so many! The parking area was about a half mile of so uphill from town. You could drive in but it would not be a good idea because the streets are so narrow and quite busy with tourists and locals.

We were ridiculously excited when we spied Doc Martin's house! It is the smaller one on the left of the three houses in the center of this photo.

A bit closer view. I could not wait to actually get over there and see it close up! How silly is that?

But first we walked down to the harbor to watch the boats coming in and to pick up some stones.

As I said, congestion! These tourists found themselves at a standoff until one finally gave in and backed up.

What is it about picking up rocks and shells that is so relaxing and compelling at the same time?

This fellow was enjoying himself too.

Lobster traps were piled high, testament to the real industry in this village.

Right by the harbor is a fish market where the day's catch is readily available for your supper.

Then up the hill (this is looking back down at the village) and at last...

The doc's house! 

And my happy face in front of it, so amazed to actually be there.

It was a steep climb up the hill to where we would be able to see the whole village, and I wasn't sure we could do it. Then we saw two women older than us climbing it, and that settled it. Up we went! It was certainly steep and not the easiest walking but it was definitely worth the climb.

From the top of the hill, looking southwest.

Caves in the rocks below, as there seem to be all along Cornwall's west coast.

There is a bench on top of the hill, perfect for just sitting and taking in the beauty. This bench is also seen in the TV shows.

Incredible. I still can't believe I saw this.

And back down the path. This was the easy section!

More familiar buildings...

including the doc's surgery as we came back down the hill.

...and in town, the pharmacy...

 Narrow, narrow streets...

The schoolhouse where the doc's love interest taught, and which is actually a restaurant where we had lunch.

 And then the trek back to the car. Remember that orange dot in the first photo? Here it is. We passed this as we trudged back up the very steep hill to the parking area. In Cornwall, they say everywhere you want to go is up, and that's the truth! It was a hard pull back to the parking area, let me tell you.

Larry's Cornish pasty lunch, with beautiful English fries.

I had to try making them at home, and they didn't come out too bad. Click here for one recipe for these tasty meat pies.

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Mac n' Janet said...

We've never watched this series, but of course we know about it. What a beautiful little village and you had gorgeous weather.

Brig said...

I'm so enjoying your journey. Great photos and it is wonderful that you explain where you are.
We used to have a local grocery that carried pasties from a shop in Grass Valley. They were so good. Both the cowman and I took them to work as our lunch, as often as the budget allowed.

Wayfarin' Stranger said...

We, too, are great Doc Martin fans and own the first six series. We've watched the seventh series, but haven't bought it yet.

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