Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ah Spring! and Gardens!

It's that time! We're hopping busy here. like I suspect most of you are as well. Gardens, gardens, and more gardens. Cleaning out beds. mulching, planting and re-discovering plants from last year have all kept us working early and late.

And now we can take a little break. We had a good rain last night that settled in the new plants and seeds. So far we've planted potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, peas, radishes, lettuce, cabbages, broccoli and strawberries. It is so rewarding to see the gardens taking shape.

Yesterday we also worked on one of the larger flowerbeds, cleaning it out and mulching, then planting some new flowers. That bed was in very poor soil originally but it is slowly building up and iris seem to love it. It's still a very dry spot, however.

Our young fruit trees are thriving--these were also planted in a place where the soil wasn't the best, but we planted with lots of manure and good dirt and now they're blooming and sturdy and settled in.

It takes time for a place to develop, doesn't it? I've been here 40 years or more, and it's constantly changing. At one time we had fences and a barnlot for goats, milk cows, horses, and a pigpen even more recently. There was a turkey building until this year when we finally pulled it down, and once we have many rabbit hutches too. On the hill we grew fields of tobacco and sorghum (for molasses) and put up hay. Now we grow our gardens and fruits, raise our chickens and honeybees and that is enough.

Today is break day. We're both sore and worn out from the last three days, and we've earned some rest I think. The rain last night assured that we'd stay out of the gardens and that's a good thing because I am sure we'd have been right back out there this morning.

So tell me, are you also busy with gardens, or is it too cold still in your area?

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John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

Plenty to do over here, Sue, when you've finished your plot! We could do with a little rain here too to get the seeds started, watering with a can never seems to have the same effect - the weeds don't mind though!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

A history of gardens and growing and farming past. Stories for those 40 years. We have rain, more rain and soggy ground. Any time the rain stops we go out and work on yard clean up - the winds broke branches and some are just handing about 30 feet up. We cut what we could reach with the long pruner but, etc.

Jenny said...

I just picked my first peony bloom to bring inside & enjoy! It seemed once things started in my yard everything has exploded. I haven't planted anything yet because we still haven't passed our last average frost date. I usually wait to Mother's Day.

hart said...

Your whole place looks beautiful. I have a little raised bed for vegetables and herbs that does not really get enough sun but manages.
Lettuce is up, kale, garlic, and chives wintered over, peas have gone missing.

Mac n' Janet said...

I've been out in my flower garden the last 2 days and my knees are yelling at me. It's so satisfying to plant and watch things grow.

Michelle said...

Sounds like everything is on the right track and it all looks beautiful!

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