Friday, April 7, 2017

In Ravenswood

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we went to a Civil war batter re-enactment in Ravenswood, WV but never posted the rest of my photos from that day.

Ravenswood is a pretty Ohio River town, once a bustling center for river traffic, then the bedroom community for the local aluminum plant. George Washington claimed many lands along the river, and his camp was just upriver on the Ohio side. We visited there last August, a beautiful, quiet spot.

 The cannonfire was fun. One little boy had his ears stuffed with tissues because he disliked the loud noise. It was noisy! And a pre-teen girl was crying on the other side of the bridge, also upset by the noise. I'd bought some chocolates at the local chocolate shop and shared some with her, which brightened her up considerably.

 The ladies, dressed in period attire, had set out a lovely tea. I so wanted to go and look at all the pretty dishes, but Larry restrained me. Not polite, to turn over dishes and look at the markings!

I had never been in the log cabin located in the park. It was open so we joined others in poking around in there,

Photo from the Jackson County Historical Society page.

 and met up with this young man, who brought his children in to see the cabin that had been on his family's land on Cow Run. Hs grandfather Thomas Sayre donated the cabin for the park. Here Tom shows the page in the cabin's album that shows his grandfather's name.

 I once had a washer similar to this, and used it! A woman can get strong arm muscles with one of these things.

You can see a bit of mine here. Sadly it fell to pieces and is now in a corner of the garage, a pile of wood and iron.

A quiet corner for the woman of the house to do her spinning. In the left corner is the quilting frame.

The museum was also open, and had many visitors while we were there. This photo is from the Jackson County Historical Society page.

 We took the tracks to get back to our car. I've always wanted to walk across this trestle!

 Looking up,

Looking down.

 Cool old building along the tracks. What was it? I don't know. The entrance was on the corner, very like the old banks.

The street ends at gthe old ferry landing. The ferry was still in use when I moved here, but the new bridge over the river put it out of service.

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annie said...

I've missed some of your recent posts!
I've got to go back this weekend and catch up.
Been a bit busy lately, outside, until the colder wind pushed me back in today.
I loved this post, I always love your travels!
Enjoyed the photos!
Loved the name of the Town!

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