Thursday, April 27, 2017

Joe's Run Wildflowers

I think I must post photos of this stretch of our road every year, but every year it just takes my breath away. Wild phlox, larkspur, mustard, and geraniums blend so beautifully, who would not want to stop and take photos?

Complementary colors on the color wheel so why not in nature? Yellow wild mustard, purple larkspur.

Wild geraniums and larkspur.

Flowers line the road but if you're driving too fast, you might not see them.

Morning sun creeps through the trees, casting shadows.

A play of dark and light.

Wild geraniums, larkspur and phlox.

Shy mayapple flirts with larkspur.

while Joe's Run meanders its way to Mill Creek.

I apparently disturbed a resident frog in this puddle--the muddied water is the only sign of him I saw.

In a nearby puddle a lone leaf floats ghostlike on the water.

Stones covered in moss lined a small cut in the hill that would be a little waterfall if it was raining.

Mullein spreads its large, fuzzy leaves, getting ready to send up its tall central shoot soon.

I hope to get back down the road soon to take photos of the trilliums and the buttercups. It's such a privilege to see this beauty, all for free!

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annie said...

Those are wonderful photos!
I love the colors.
They speak spring.
One of the internet pages I saw at some point,
Said you often find morels growing where may apples are.
I have been trying to figure out what the may apples look like.
No morels for us this year.
My husband only found one tiny one.

Mac n' Janet said...

What a beautiful drive, love wildflowers, but never know the names.

Boud said...

You live in an amazing place. Thank you for the guided tour! And for naming allthe wildflowers for us. You need to move slowly to really find and enjoy them.

Brig said...

Thanks for the wildflower trip, it is beautiful there. Also for naming the the flowers. Drives me crazy when people post pics of flowers or birds, or and don't say what their name is. I wonder if they think it is so common that everyone knows what it's called, which isn't true. So thank you!

Michelle said...

I always love seeing wildflowers out on our farm. Your shots are beautiful.

Quinn said...

Glorious colorful blossoms! Whenever I hear someone say that certain colors "don't go" together, I can usually think of a plant that displays those very colors beautifully :)

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