Friday, May 12, 2017

Love Thyself

I got back to painting furniture today after a break that turned out to be much longer than expected.

I was working the the base to a Hoosier cabinet, and I was painting in a WAY too small area. I had to switch the paint brush from my left hand to my right to get into certain places because it was just so tight. Too many projects in too small a place!

Anyway, as I painted with my right hand I got to thinking that probably not many people can do that, switch so easily from one hand to the other. I was thinking it was pretty awesome to be able to do that when my inner voice said, "You certainly think well of yourself, don't you?"

I instantly felt guilty because yes, I was feeling good about myself at that moment. Vanity, pride, whatever you might call it is a sin, right? Or at least not cool. Which brought another voice to life in my head. "Yeah, but it's good to like ourselves, right?"

Which made me think some more. I mean, I am my own worst critic; I am always thinking I should be getting more done, doing something different, lose more weight, read more, call my sons more often, etc. etc. etc. And yet... "Yes, I do like myself," said yet a third voice. (Apparently my head is fairly well populated.) "I accept that I am far from perfect, mean First Voice, but Second Voice is right--we should love ourselves and accept ourselves, warts, feathers and all. That isn't bragging or pride, it's just a fact that we should be happy with whatever abilities we have."

As I got back to paying attention to what I was doing--and all the head-talk had not made me mess up, thank goodness--it occurred to me that there are people who don't like themselves, who can't accept what they see in the mirror, who feel they will never be as good as everyone else. How sad is that? Who will love us if we don't first love ourselves?

I think we can all remember to pay more attention, not only to what we're doing, but to what we are thinking about ourselves, and about others. Remember to occasionally tell ourselves we're doing a good job. And then passing that on to others, giving praise and support instead of the oh-so-easy criticism and nitpicking.

Okay, off my soapbox. It's surprising what can go on in our heads when we're busy though, isn't it?

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I loved your soapbox post today - so true. Love who you are, accept what you are. Share you kindness with others.
Thanks Sue.

Lucky13 said...

What you say is true. We are our own worst critics. I feel horrible when someone tells me they don't like someone or something involved in my life. Yet, I'm happy...with who I have become and all aspects of my life. I am completely content. You are doing what you love and doing it well. I don't see that as pride, it's called contentment. Life is good.

Mac n' Janet said...

Words of wisdom

Michelle said...

A great post. We all need to love ourselves more and appreciate the people we are!!

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