Tuesday, May 16, 2017

One More Hoosier...Well, Sellers...Cabinet

Paint has been flying here for the past few days, and some items are finally almost ready to go. The biggest thing we've been working on is a Sellers cabinet (often referred to generically as a "Hoosier" after the most famous maker of this type of kitchen cabinet).

It was the most startling shade of yellow! And underneath was a pink-ish orange, almost as bright.

I was painting in really close quarters this time, as I already had something in line to paint, so this one just moved in front. Cramped!

But here it is, almost done. Just a couple handles to put on and out the door she goes.

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Quinn said...

I thought of you yesterday, when I decided to keep my eyes open for a tall, narrow chimney cupboard I can use to keep my Pyrex pots within reach. I may have to just build a simple open shelf to fit in the little space I have. And if I do my best to make something nice, pretty sure I'll find a lovely old chimney cupboard at a tag sale a month later ;)

Granny Sue said...

Isn't thaI have a couple of those chimney cupboards in my booths. What a shame we're so far apart! I'd give you a great deal :)

Quinn said...

You have no idea how much imaginary shopping I have done in your booths...a butter churn, more Pyrex, kitchen tools...if I ever get the chance to make a roadtrip down your way, I will probably be driving a cargo van ;)

Michelle said...

This is looking good! I love these old cabinets and have one in my kitchen!

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