Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Marietta Booth Update

Since we were going upriver to Sistersville for the ferry cruise on Sunday, we decided to load the van and restock out Marietta booth. I'm making some changes in what I stock there, hoping to better match today's buyers. Taste is ever-changing, styles come and go and so do fads and demand decreases or increases certain items. One change was to add more painted furniture to Marietta; generally we took those pieces to Ravenswood's Riverbend Antique Mall where they sell well, but perhaps they will also be appreciated by Marietta customers.

Wagon wheels, an antique corn sheller (it works great, too), and strainers and choppers add a rustic element to this space.

One of my recent painting projects. This was wood-tone and didn't sell, so I added some paint to jazz it up.

This black table was a poor, ugly thing, all chipped white and scratched. I gave it a mid-century twist with satiny black paint and some MCM accessories.

Both of these tables have been for sale for a while. Lots of lookers but no buyers. Everyone loves them, but no buyers yet. Moving and re-staging them might help. We'll see. I've removed a lot of glassware from this area, making more space for furniture.

I love this bench. It's hard rock maple, very sturdy, but maple furniture is not in favor now so I have it an antique look with green paint and distressing.

Shawnee King Corn pottery was a recent find from a really sweet young couple. Some of the pieces were chipped and cracked so those are in the thrift box; I added a couple pieces I had here at home to this collection.

This magazine rack has been in process for well over a year! I painted it black, didn't like it, and it got pushed back in the workroom. New paint and distressing gives it a new life, I think.

We sold the long oak cabinet while we were there working--in fact, I'd just about finished when a couple decided to buy it, so that meant unloading it and re-doing that area.  Fortunately, we had this ironing board on hand, and it fills in nicely. We brought in the 1950's Western Flyer bike too. It was a lucky find, worth a lot more than we're asking, I believe, but maybe a collector will spy it.

The purple chair got a little distressing and wax.

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Quinn said...

I would be tempted by that bike - it looks like the one I wanted when I was a youngster!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

You work so hard !
I love seeing your booth changes and additions.

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