Monday, July 10, 2017

Quiet Day

This has been a day to rest. I was worn out after working on painting furniture for two days and then restocking Marietta booth and the late night last night. All of these were good things, but I think I'm still recovering from the two weeks prior when we were on the run constantly.

So today I gave myself a day off from bigger projects. I've packed some ebay sales, cooked our first fried potatoes from the garden, snapped beans to cook with more potatoes, caught up dishes and laundry, made a raspberry sauce to go over pound cake and...that's about all. It's been peaceful and restful, no pressure to "get something done."

I'll be back on the road tomorrow for a couple days as I do the last of the Summer Reading storytelling programs at four libraries. The green beans will be waiting to be canned when I get back, and undoubtedly the laundry will be piled up again.

Such a glamorous life! I have to laugh when one of my grandchildren says, "Granny, you're famous!" because if this is fame, it's an awful lot like the lives of everyone I know. And that, I think, is a good thing.

While the world seems crazy and spinning out of control most days, most of us go on doing the ordinary, everyday things that make life go on below the noise and chaos. That's important, isn't it? I thank those nameless bureaucrats who plod onward despite the confusion and divisiveness of our government, because like us, they keep things running beneath the stormy surface.

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