Saturday, October 28, 2017

Ireland Day 5: Dingle Peninusula

Dingle. What to say about this incredible place? I think this time the pictures say it best.

But first...our second funeral encounter. This group was carrying a casket to the church. We were puzzled at first by the traffic jam, but understood why drivers were so careful and patient, waiting to get around the walkers.

I believe I took this in Dingle town, but not sure. What tickled me was the tractor--a common sight in even large Irish towns and on highways.

This first group was all taken from the same area. I could not get enough of the waves and the foam. It had me singing and humming The Great Selkie of Sule Skerrie the rest of the day. That one line, ..."I will teach him to swim the foam..."

Ah, Dingle, land of infinite variety in landscapes!

We stopped for tea and scones here. This place isn't as old as it might look, built about 10 years ago. The scones were dry, the welcome less than the friendliness we'd experienced everywhere else on this trip. But the tea was hot and the fire was warm, and on this chilly, blustery day it was a welcome break. As we were leaving the owner was a lot more chatty, so perhaps he was just thinking about something else when we arrived.

Outside the inn, a curragh has its final resting place.

I was curious about the construction of this traditional sea-going vessel, so I stuck the camera up underneath and took a pic. Like a big basket, covered with tar-covered canvas.

Across from the inn...

The stone fences are so amazing, and look at this one, hanging over the hill.

Further down the coast, we saw this, what looks to be the remains of a village. Many of these, we were told, were left empty after the Great Famine killed so many Irish people.

We loved this road! Rocks, water, stone wall, what's not to like? It got a little tricky when meeting oncoming vehicles.

Around one curve, this beautiful sculpture looks out over the water.

And finally at pretty much the end of the peninsula, Ballyferriter. We wanted to stay here but were worried that it was too far a drive to start out our last day in Kerry. This town, we heard, had some great Irish music sessions, and I would like to go back and stay.

We drove back by a different route, over mountains to get back to Dingle. My camera battery was dead, and you can imagine how frustrating that was. One day I will get back to Dingle, that's a vow I have made to myself. There was still so much to see, and so much we only glimpsed in passing.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Sue I am so very much enjoying seeing your visit to Ireland through your lens and words.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

You got some wonderful pictures on your tour of Ireland, Sue.

Brig said...

I'm enjoying your trip, so interesting. Thanks for posting about it.

hart said...

Thanks for the vicarious trip. I've been in Dingle but not with a car and that must have been great.

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