Friday, October 27, 2017

Onward from Doolin

We spent the night of our 4th day at McGann's pub, known to be a good music pub. Our room was cute, tucked away upstairs and not luxurious but comfortable, and with a nice view.

 There was live music in the evening, so we stayed downstairs late, listening and enjoying. I had a video of the evening's singing but it's disappeared somewhere. It was a lively place, packed full, and a good time for sure.

The next morning we were on the road early to catch the ferry, and were treated to the most spectacular view of the cliffs just outside our pub.

The ferry saved us miles of driving, and removed the necessity of having to go through Limerick, a fairly large city, by our standards anyway. The ferry crossed the mouth of the River Shannon, which was quite wide at this point. This is a long river, about 224 miles.

The drive to the boat was so pretty. We were treated to a rainbow as we left Doolin.

This was actually the main route to where we were heading.

Views all along the way.

I cannot remember what town this was; getting through Irish towns is a challenge as people park pretty much wherever they want, it seems. So it's slow, but we didn't care because it gave us more time to gawk.

And finally on the boat.

Once across we were finally in County Kerry, a place I'd long wanted to visit. But first to find our b&b as the address was nonexistent on the receipt and there were no directions, only coordinates. Now some people can find places that way but I am not nearly so savvy, and my phone was being next to useless anyway. After asking at the post office and roaming around a bit, we finally stopped for lunch--a full Irish breakfast, actually!--and asked if anyone knew where this place was. The people at the restaurant were beyond helpful; they actually called the place and got great directions for us. I am still puzzled about why the host didn't provide better directions as the house was just off the main road--she seemed to think it would be impossible to find! Well, it was, with the lack of directions she provided.

This proved to be our least favorite place to stay. The family was nice enough but we felt as if we were intruding, something we've not felt at any other b&b before. But we spent little time there; after finding it and getting our things moved in, we set off for the Dingle Peninsula. Our time was getting short, and we still had so much we wanted to see.

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