Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Some Recent Finds

With my focus on family visits, Thanksgiving, and Christmas programs, I haven't had much time to go looking for new stock for my booths. But I have had a few good finds in the last few weeks. Here's a few of them. Some are already in the booths.

Tall Empoli (Italy) bottle had a few chips on the bottom of the stopper. Will it sell like that? We shall see. I found several ceramic bird figurines, and have a hard time parting with them!

Then there's this striped Hazel Atlas sugat bowl, and a couple sweet teacups.

I have not been able to identify the maker of this dish, so listed it on ebay as unknown maker.

Look how it lights up in black light! I think it is 1920's-30's era, and some glass collectors I've asked about it think it is of European make. The color comes from uranium in the glass, but don't worry, it won't kill you!

The nutcracker is cast iron, a reproduction.

sweet old muslin pillowcase--only one, but such a pretty pattern. Some people make aprons from them.

And vintage curtains with  matching tea towel. There's a stain you can see on the bottom of the curtain. Maybe it will come out. I can hope.

Cheese domes are still a popular item, and I have seen new ones in the stores. I don't have one in my kitchen. Do you? Do you use it? Wondering if I should keep this one.

 Pretty pink platter in Anchor Hocking's Waterford Waffle pattern.

And a very cool clock. This one is lucite or acrylic (are those the same thing? I need to find out.) with fly fishing lures embedded.

Best find, I think, were these two wineglasses found for $1.00 each at a local thrift. I listed them on ebay for $59.99 each and they sold in two hours. These are Waterford Crystal from Ireland, in the Colleen pattern, and they are marked. The only other one for sale on ebay was $110 for one! I thought that was ridiculous, so priced mine more reasonably--although it still seemed pretty high to me.

Another good find for $1 was this lovely Limoges plate. It also sold quickly on ebay for $30.

This is a small cereal bowl, and it glows too under black light. I have not yet identified the maker.

A small amber Blenko bowl along with a couple Japanese egg vases, and you can see the corner of an International Glass banana dish.

Last but not least, little Santa candle holders. I already have one pair of them, so these will be for sale. I think. They're awfully cute.

Maybe in January I'll be out on the hunt again, but for now, that fun is on hold, unless of course I run into something too good to pass up!

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Michelle said...

Love seeing the glassware. I have some pieces, mostly milk glass, Fire King, and a few odds and ends. I always enjoy finding a good piece.

Brig said...

Interesting pieces. I've been looking for a large red cut glass fruit or salad bowl like my MIL used to have, for a SIL for years. No luck so far.

Anonymous said...

I had a cheese dome like this one. The base is marble and back when cheese balls were the big thing you could chill the base before serving and it would keep the cheese ball cold during the party.

Unknown said...

When we went to Ireland a few years back, we toured the Waterford factory!! Wow, was it impressive! If I remember correctly, the prospective glass artisans apprentice for 4 years then take a test to prove their ability. Their final exam is to create one standard Waterford design from memory. If they fail the exam, they have to start their apprenticeship over at the beginning!!

Quinn said...

If I had room for a cheese dome, I probably would have one - but with only about two feet of countertop in my kitchen, it's a constant effort to take things off it, not put things on it!
I thought of you yesterday at the Brody Shelter tag sale, Sue. There was a lot of glass and ceramic stuff, and you probably would have known what everything was and found some treasures! One of the things I bought is a handmade pottery vase - I have abundant vases, and often use canning jars anyway! - but this one is really different. It's sort of flat, like two slabs of clay pressed together at the edges, so I think it will be more secure on a windowsill than my round vases are. Guess we'll see!

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