Monday, January 22, 2018

Almost Done

I'm about finished with the bedroom redo. I didn't do anything spectacular, but it does feel brighter and more open with the new paint. I think I will paint the (banged-up) closet doors white sometime this week, and that should finish this project.

Larry's side of the room, with his shelf of Vietnam memorabilia, the license plate we found
near Ilfracombe, UK, etc.

My side, with my collection of ballad books and a small art of my West Virginia book collection.

Birds dominate my corner.

A pretty corner for my lingerie cabinet.

I painted Larry's wardrobe as part of this change-up. It was pretty rough, with missing veneer, etc. We peeled the veneer and gave it a coat of soft gray and off-white.

Going from the dark plum on the bottom half of the room to this pale green was a big change, but we both like it now. I wasn't sure about it at first.

I am glad to get this done--it's only been waiting for 2 years! Next up--replacing the kitchen countertop tile. I am not looking forward to that. Maybe I can just go away for a week or two. I wish.

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Michelle said...

I like your work in the bedroom. We have a few projects that we keep putting off. One is painting a ceiling. The worst! lol

Mac n' Janet said...

I don't enjoy the process, but I'm always pleased when it's done.

Nance said...

Love your birds, Larry's drawers and doors and the green paint. It is always so nice to finish a project or have fresh pain t.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh the room is so sweet - I love the colors - and all the accessories. You are such an amazing painter.

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