Sunday, January 21, 2018

Just Chatting

Good morning! The snow is leaving quickly, all gone around the house but the field across is still covered.

The snow shovel looks oddly out of place leaning against a stone wall, and I was surprised to see that the garden is plowed, hadn't remembered Larry doing that in the Fall.

Mud is everywhere, and tracked all over the porch I mopped yesterday. The perpetrators have left their prints everywhere, though, cat and dog. I will mop again today, continuing the losing battle.

The bird feeders are almost empty but the birds are not so busy as they were when it was below zero. At 45 degrees, I have the front door slightly open to let the good air inside. It smells so clean.

We went to our Ravenswood booth yesterday and added a few things; not much since sales are a little slow with all the bad weather. Still it was good to get out after 10 days at home, and to do some tidy up.

I picked up two items while we were out that had me really puzzled. First was this Peanuts cartoon mug. I spent last evening looking online through literally thousands of Charlie Brown mugs, searching with every variable term I could think of. No luck. Then I posted a photo on Facebook and a storytelling friend tagged another storytelling friend who is a cartoonist and connected to the Charles Schulz museum. With his help I was able to determine that this is not an official piece, but a knockoff made in Japan, probably in the 60's or 70's. A little help from my friends and the mystery was cleared up.

The second mystery was this piece. Was it a wine glass, a vase, a spooner, and was it old or new? The pattern and the 3-part mold seams made me think old, like Early American Pattern Glass from the late 1800's-early 1900's, but what was it and who made it? I posted a photo of this one too, in a Facebook EAPG group, and those good people confirmed it was a vase made by US Glass, probably around 1905. No pattern name, just a number. I guess some people would find this kind of thing boring but to me it is endlessly fascinating.

I spent most of Friday cleaning house. After finishing up the bedroom and the pieces I've been painting I had painting supplies everywhere, and the usual clutter was starting to build up again. So that was my priority for the day. But I did take time to play with making a collage. That was fun, and a needed break from real work.

Today, who knows? Have a good one, friends.

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Jenny said...

I think we'll hit 60' today! But I am seriously bummed that we did not get any snow at all...even with temps reaching 0'. It went all around us & teased us with flurries.

We had a water pipe burst as well. We're watching our new grandbaby full time now. I'd gone to the grocery store & husband was home napping with the baby when he heard what sounded like an explosion. He thought it was the power plant starting up (we live across the lake from one & it sounds like the world is coming to an end when they release steam. Thankfully they only do that a few times a year). After registering in his mind that it didn't sound like the power plant he looked out & saw water gushing from the outdoor faucet. It was covered in a big trash can with a heat light on it. The handle & cracked & burst so the water pressure on the trash can made a horrific sound. It was a pretty funny story to hear him tell it....& the baby slept through it all.

An easy fix thankfully, just a new handle & we were back in business.

Lucy Corrander Now in Halifax! said...

I don't know how you fit all this in!

I'm interested that the glass is so old. I would never have guessed by the design. I'm still not clear though what it would have been used for.

Granny Sue said...

Jenny, I feel your pain! I am glad for this break in the weather although I do enjoy it when we're covered in snow. Loved your story of the noise!

Granny Sue said...

Lucy, the eapg group affirmed that it's a vase, called a tulip vase because of its shape. Still seems odd to me.

Nance said...

Sue, I cannot always comment on here from my phone and can't always get to PC . . . But read you each day.

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