Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Booth Updates

The past few days have been booth-centric. We've been adding new things to both and have several more furniture pieces in the pipeline, being repaired or painted.

Here's a few recent additions at Marietta:

I loved this rack--I suppose it was for milk bottles originally. It's perfect for quart jars. I added the soap dispenser tops, just for something different.

Then there was this:

This cabinet is huge--almost 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 16 inches deep. It's solid walnut, an absolute beauty. It's going to take a special home to have space for it, but what great storage.

Of course, no sooner than I put the quilts in it, someone came along and pulled out out and didn't bother to re-fold it. I didn't notice until after I'd taken the photos. This is one reason I dislike selling linens--customers go through them, unfold everything and leave a mess. Since I only get to the booths a couple times a month, it means everything is messy and unattractive until I can get back. Grrrr...

The latch is copper; the doors appear to be pegged together with wood pegs.

Even the sides are gorgeous.

Getting this into and out of our van was a real puzzle and a weight-lifting challenge, and I give thanks every day for strong male muscles because it took several to get this moved. I was little help.

We also brought in this lamp:

It's been here in a box in the corner for two years, if you can believe it. The problem was that it had some very odd things, like a huge, heavy weight, attached to it. We finally decided to remove the weird things and leave what I think is pretty much the original lamp.

At Ravenswood, we added some old tools outside the building (locked down of course):

and inside we brought in this beautiful buffet:

I love the mirror on the back. I am seriously tempted to bring this one home and sell mine. But I think my hubby would divorce me if I mentioned it, after all the lugging and hauling this week!

And then this mirror, not old but these seem to be good sellers, as every one I've brought in only stays a short while.

There were some smaller things but this time seemed to be devoted to bringing in large pieces. I think the booths are in good shape now, and I can concentrate on painting new pieces and building a little stockpile so we have something ready when one of these sells.

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh so many lovelies. I wish I could find a mirror like the last one in your post - they must go out of the shops here just as fast. Wonderful post!

Jenny said...

I love the canning jar soap dispensers! I have a cheap clear glass one I bought at Home Goods last year but it's not nearly as pretty as yours.

Nance said...

Love it all-time antique, vintage or collectible. But I love the walnut cupboard!

PS Sue. I can only comment on your post if I am the first to comment. Otherwise when I click to comment, the comment box does not come up. Next time this happens, I will get up and try to comment on the PC. Love your posts.

Quinn said...

I rarely come across things I "want" in my day to day life, BUT always see things I would love to buy on your booth posts!

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