Tuesday, March 13, 2018

And a Followup on the Daffodils

Yesterday I wrote about putting food coloring in the water of one vase of daffodils.

Here's how they look this morning:

I put this on Facebook this morning, and friends reminded me of other flowers that work well with this trick--daisies, carnations, Queen Anne's Lace.

I imagine that baby's breath, sunflowers, and a lot of others might also work.

This is a fun thing to do with children, especially if you use different colors.

I wish you could have seen my husband's face this morning, though. He was so puzzled, and thought the flowers were fake--he had to touch them to be sure they were real. It made me wish I'd waited to do this on April Fool's Day. He was so funny!

Well, back to cleaning. Lots of glass to wash this morning as I re-organized my china cabinet last night, and am clearing out some things I no longer want. I've decided to use this cabinet for Early American Pattern Glass only. It's very sparkly in there now, which makes my eyes happy. But now I have a pile of glass I need to decide what to do with. Wish me luck.

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Brig said...

They look great! I had forgotten about doing this with daffies, thank you for the reminder.

Nance said...

Oh yes, Good Luck Sue. I have been working through my house -- giving away, donating, consuming. Down sizing. It is a hard thing to do.

Steve Arnold said...

Beautiful. Ours aren't up yet, can't wait for them to appear.

Quinn said...

Used to do with with dandelions when we were kids! Also, used to cut the stem-end into several strips, and they would curl right up in the water. All very interesting to watch :)

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