Saturday, April 21, 2018

Projects, or, All That Painting

Yesterday's post seemed to have a lot of painting in it! So here's a look at some of what we were working on.

Progress on the chest of drawers--it's coming along.

Those bar-shaped handles are the ones causing problems with missing parts. There are two little metal things you can't see in the photo that are necessary to hold the handles in place. Those are missing on three pulls, so Larry is making some that will work just fine. I am painting this chest to match the dressing table I finished up last week.

This stool goes to the dressing table.

And this bed will be painted to go with the set this week. A lot of veneer to be removed before painting though.

Larry painted these chairs--they'll be sold as "flowerpot chairs." If I have time, I'll see about filling some pots with blooms to add to them, for the Ripley On Sale event at the end of May.

He built this shelf from a bi-fold door,

and then painted it. I just need to distress and wax it now.

I finished painting the iron bed last night,  so it will go to our Riverbend booth today.

Another Larry project, and a funny story. We had this table, but the legs were bad, so Larry replaced them. It had a porcelain top, and it was in terrible condition, so we decided to replace it too. Then it was missing a drawer so we found one in our stash that would work and Larry put that in. So all that's actually left of the original table is the frame that the top rests on!

Next step for the table is this stencil, then distress and wax. It's taller than most tables so we thought it could be a coffee station. Could be used with stools too.

Upside down bench--it needed lots of sanding and a leg repaired before painting.

Now I just need to seal it with polyurethane, and it's ready to sell. It's about 6 feet long, so finding space in a booth is going to be a challenge.

A small shelf I painted yesterday--seems just the right size for a salt and pepper collection or other smaller items. It's bigger than it looks, about 24x30 I think.

You would not believe how dirty this suit case was. It took about 30 minutes to clean the grime off of it.

The top of this small desk is warped, so we're in the process of trying to get that out of it. Then paint? The top definitely must be painted, but the rest looks good. So paint just the top? I'm not sure. The missing drawer is being re-glued.

Last but not least, these 4 chairs were a Goodwill find. They were as dirty as the suitcase! So lots of scrubbing ensued, but now three of the four are done. These will go with a formica-top table.

That's most of what's in progress. We're trying to get plenty done now, before Larry's knee surgery and before summer storytelling keeps my too busy to paint.

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Nance said...

Love your and Larry's rework. Wish my husband wad 'in to it'. That 6' bench sure caught my eye.

Quinn said...

I've got the mate of that suitcase - bought it at an auction in Colorado around 1980 and it was in such good shape (and clean, I'm happy to say) I'm still using it today. I used to have the train case to match - used it for mics and cords when I used to work as a musician - but I think I must have given that case away. Is it a sign of old age that I'm starting to forget what I did with things I used for years and years? That's the second thing today that I thought of and then had no idea where it went...the other was a paring knife!
Gosh, you and Larry do more in a week than I do in a year, I think :)

Granny Sue said...

I have the same forgettings, Quinn--I will see something that brings back a lot of memories, but where the thing went, who knows? So much stuff comes into and out of our lives!

Granny Sue said...

Nance, I could not do this without Larry's help, that's for sure. We were discussing something that needed some work this evening, and Larry said, "You and I can do anything." I think he's almost right--we're a good pair (most of the time!).

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