Thursday, August 9, 2018

Prayer Request

Not for me or mine, but for a young acquaintance who will be fighting hard for control of his life: to conquer his opiate addiction.

I don't know if any of you have had close enounters with this terrible thing that has taken so many of our good people. I have been fortunate to have been spared its reach into my family, so far. Because we never know what the future can bring.

But a young man I met a few years ago posted this morning on Facebook about his determination to make a fresh start, and asked for prayers and support as he fights this battle. He has all the prayers I can send. If you would please lift NM up in your prayers as well, I would appreciate it. He's worth it.

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Nance said...

Prayers for NM!

In our small town in rural Iowa, we see many cases of addiction, pain pills, alcohol and one of the worst, meth. There is hope for your Facebook friend. I hope he makes it!

Anonymous said...

Dee fromTennessee

Praying , praying.

Brenda Burke said...

Prayers-an epidemic in WV and afar!!

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