Friday, August 10, 2018

Salsa Day and Writing

I'm making salsa today, enough for the whole coming year I think. About 30 pints all told.

I'm cheating too--I'm using Mrs. Wage's mix. It's so simple and we like the way it tastes. And once again I ground up squash and zucchini and added to the tomatoes--I did that last year and it was delicious. So check salsa off the to-do list.

I got so frustrated before I even got started though because I could not find my food processor. We bought a new one last summer and I was sure I put it in the kitchen in one of the cabinets. But where?? After 20 minutes of going through every cabinet and even the cellar top and the workroom, I finally found the thing--in the first cabinet I looked it. For some reason I expected it to be white, and it was black. Ah me. Twenty minutes I'll never get back. I did manage to sort a few things while I was at it, and added to the pile for the thrift store so the time wasn't completely wasted.

The past two days have seen me hard at work on storytelling planning and writing. Not writing poems and stories, though--writing program descriptions, a workshop proposal and tearing my hair out for two hours trying to figure out how to do a mail merge to print labels. I am no techie, that's for sure. I finally got it to work, and I think I figured out the problem. Will I remember how to do it next time I need labels? Probably not.

I've also been putting together the set list for the presentation I'll be doing Tuesday night. It's a challenge because this time I will be mixing in some written material--poems and a short story--with my usual storytelling. I'll be joined by a fantastic old-time musician who will add banjo and fiddle music to the program, and that's exciting. There's nothing like the mix of stories and music in my book.

It's all good stuff, isn't it? Work, all of it, but good. And now I'd better get back in the kitchen and see how the salsa is doing.

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Michelle said...

Nothing like homemade salsa and I also like, and have used, Mrs. Wages. Good stuff!

Quinn said...

Salsa! Just reading the word makes my mouth water. Yum!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Very productive - but then you always are. I hate it when I can't find something and it is right in front of me. I've not canned anything this year - we only need a little jam, as we have plenty of other things from previous years - and I have a bushel of nectarines peeled and frozen for making jam when it is cooler.

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