Thursday, July 22, 2021

Summer Musings

62 this morning, so cool and pleasant. Yesterday only reach the upper 70's, a nice day despite the smoke from the fires out west that made the air very hazy. Most haze was gone today and it was another really comfortable day.

It's that time of year. Yesterday I made sweet pickle relish and yellow squash pickles; 

today we put corn in the freezer. Dinner last night was corn and a few of our first ripe cherry tomatoes. Tonight, tomatoes, squash and cucumbers were the sides. Lunch was cucumber sandwiches. Yum. 

The gardens are still doing well, although we are really in need of rain. My flowerbeds are suffering, and we've had to start watering again. But all in all, it's been a nice July. So far.

I had to turn down two more storytelling enquiries. It doesn't bother me, as I have really enjoyed this second "retirement". But I got to wondering how many other people have changed course as a result of the pandemic, or perhaps because the lull in activity seems like a good time to make life changes.

A man who called today about storytelling runs a bus tour company. He said he and his wife are glad to be back to work, but several of his drivers decided not to come back, or are considering stepping down from driving. Several teacher friends retired this year, earlier than planned. Another friend retired from his physical therapy work. I don't think anyone in my immediate family has made any changes in their careers or jobs because of the pandemic, but I haven't really asked either.

I suppose this forced slowdown has made many of us stop and consider what we're doing, and if we actually want to continue the same pace. For me, the answer was no. It was time to slow down permanently, although it sure doesn't feel like it as we are busier than ever with our booths and gardens. But certainly the pressure of preparing for performances and travel is gone. Other people now work from home as a regular thing, and a lot of them don't want to go back to commuting to their jobs. 

How about you? Has the pandemic made you reconsider any major activity in your life, and have you made changes since the pandemic began?

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  1. It's affected house prices here; people have realised that they can work from home just as easily while moving to the countryside. Places like shops and pubs experienced difficulties when they re-opened as many of their staff had found other ways to make a living. I'm just glad I retired as staff at my old job seem to spend all day wearing masks.

  2. I'm grateful for the changes the pandemic has brought to us. For over a year I didn't have that peer pressure to do more, be more...I just took care of home & family, which is what I love doing most.

    I used to do a little community volunteering & was in a few clubs but I'm not going back to any of that except the occasional book club meeting. I'm not that old (55) but I want a simpler lifestyle.

    I'm still keeping my 3 yr old grandson three days a week while his parents work. It's enough work to tire me out but not enough to keep me exhausted. And I will always cherish the time we've had together, I hope he will too.

  3. I'm glad you have one less job,Sue. Although I know you enjoyed storytelling, there was a lot of preparation that went with it, besides the travel. At some point, it'll be nice for you to just "smell the roses."


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