Sunday, December 5, 2021

"I Heard a Bird Sing"

30 and cloudy, got up to 50 and sun finally late in the day. Rain on the way tomorrow--we need it.

No snow yet here, but this poem is a favorite of mine for this time of year. The photo is from several years ago. Doesn't he look cold?


By Oliver Herford

I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December
A magical thing
And sweet to remember.
“We are nearer to Spring
Than we are in September,”
I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December.

Our morning wren continues to wake us every morning, if we are not already awake by 7:00am. Such a cheery little song to start our day. I wonder if that's the bird Herford referred to in his poem? Or do they even have Carolina wrens in England?

Busy days as usual, getting Christmas decorations and outside lights up, working on our booths and staffing the antique mall on Sunday. Right now there's a fire popping in the log room, so I am off to enjoy it. 

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  1. If you here a bird singing in December in England it's almost certainly our Robin. And they're not singing because they're happy or because they think spring is on the way, but to defend their territory. Although they are regarded as cheerful little beings by everyone in England they are actually vicious, pugnacious and unsociable little tyrants!

    1. Our little wren is probably doing the same thing, John. But his song is so cheerful to hear, much better than the dinging of an alarm clock.


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