Thursday, January 20, 2022

Days at Home

25 and overcast, with an inch of new snow that fell overnight.

After a week at home, we are finally planning to go out tomorrow. Not for anything important, but just to pick up something I bought on Facebook, pick up some fresh fruit and veggies which are in low supply in our kitchen, and visit the antique mall that's closest to us. 

We have been working on so many projects that this snowy week has passed in a blur. Between cooking, painting, and working on furniture projects the two of us have kept our noses to the grindstone, so maybe it's time to go out and relax a little?

We are still snow covered, and the weather is turning even colder in the next few days. I leave for Florida and California next Wednesday to visit my youngest son in Miami and oldest grandson in Los Angeles. I'm nervous about flying, but I need to see my boys. I'm vaccinated and boosted, and will be wearing a mask on the planes as required, so I hope all goes well. Now, if only my flights don't get canceled. That's happening so much lately that I haven't really believed I would get to go but things seem to have settled down somewhat, so we shall see. It will be nice, I have to admit, to see some palm trees.

I've been playing with my old Early American Pattern Glass collection a little, changing the buffet from Christmas colors to Valentine's Day reds and pinks, and rearranging a bit in the china cabinet--which I guess I should call the glass cabinet since there's no china in it. 


This isn't 100% pattern glass--there are a couple of lurkers there that are newer. A cut glass bowl, the red plates are newer but all the rest is pattern glass, over 100 years old, and all found for very little cost because not many people like it any more. In the china cabinet, I think it's all pattern glass. I've only been collecting it for 10 years, and have really slowed down on buying because I'm out of space and I don't want to be like some collectors who have totes and boxes full of glass stored away because they have no room for it. Still, it's so tempting when I see a piece for sale for pennies. Now if I buy a piece, one has to go. That keeps it down to an almost reasonable amount. I don't have photos of the goblet and spooner collections today, or the other pieces scattered around the house. It's addictive.

Do you collect anything? Tins, teacups, horses, dogs, baseball cards? It seems that for every item ever made, there is someone collecting it. I was astounded to learn that people collect matchbook covers, and one man collects antique and vintage cookstoves--he has a huge building full of them. Hard to imagine, but then he probably would think my glass collecting is funny too.

Time to go read for a bit before bed. Sleep well, friends.

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  1. Your red glass display is really pretty with the lighting from behind it!

  2. Save travels on your trip, Sue! It's a good time to be getting out of cold, snowy WV. Give your boys a hug and kiss from me.

  3. Enjoy your trip! Going somewhere warm sure sounds appealing. Love you!


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