Friday, January 21, 2022

Cold, Cold, Cold

12 this morning and clear.
It was an icy, icy morning, and a cold day, never getting above 21 degrees. We ventured out for the first time in a week and had no trouble as the State had cindered our road at last, and by the time we came home, they'd plowed it too. Perhaps now UPS will feel brave enough to bring the packages I've been waiting for all week? I kinda doubt it. The weather is supposed to stay very cold for quite a while, I hear, and my trip south and west is looking better and better.

We worked on our booth today, adding new things and doing a little rearranging. I didn't take photos but will do so when I work on Sunday. 

No other real news, except feeling sad for two of my sisters, who each lost a friend this week. As we get older, we see more and more friends pass, and it's not easy. As I've heard before, you better get tougher as you get older--along with the "golden years" comes a lot of pain and heartache. There is also much joy too, and a deeper appreciation of all life has to offer, even if some of it is difficult going. The thing is, we have to remember that, and look for the good and beautiful and silly and touching whenever sadness seems to overwhelm us. 

I have days when the loss of my son Jon weighs heavily on me, when every thought seems to recall him and the pain of losing him. Those times, I have to make myself look for joy and find peace in the little things that still make my life good, that bring smiles and laughter to me. And to remember the best things about him, the best times we had together, and the times that made me laugh--and appreciate deeply that I had him for those 39 1/2 years. Some mothers are never so lucky.

Tonight we are snug and warm. The fire is going, the faucets are dripping, and the dogs are cozy in the workroom--after tripping over Otis the black Lab last night and taking a fall, I have had to sadly decide that they cannot come inside any more. I have too many friends who have been seriously hurt tripping over their pets, and even one who lost her life because of such a fall. I do not want a broken hip or other bad injury, so the dogs, who are outside dogs anyway, will to stay out in the workroom from now on. I will miss their company in the evenings, but they always want to go back out after a few hours, so I won't feel bad about their banishment. Another facet of getting older, and the decisions we have to make.

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  1. The day you lost your Jon is still burned into my brain. Although we didn't really know each other, my heart felt your heart and your grief. I don't know how to explain it. Sending good thots of Jon and your precious memories 💌

  2. I'm glad to hear you weren't hurt after your fall over doggie...and yes, we must take care of ourselves! You want to go visit those relatives soon! So sorry that you lost your son early in his life...and yes, glad you had that much time with him. It didn't get above freezing here yesterday either...but is due to today. So I'll finally go out! And the walks and streets are clear now too!

  3. Falling over anything these days is not good and you can easily get seriously hurt. I slipped and feel a few years ago and banged my shoulder against a stone wall. It hurt for a few weeks but I didn't break anything. It was scary. So sorry hearing about the loss of your son but glad you had years with him. Stay warm and cosy.


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