Tuesday, December 6, 2022

More Parkersburg House Tour

34, overcast, rain expected.

More photos from the homes we toured. I would like to see these homes one day without the Christmas decor, just to enjoy the windows, lights, and woodwork.

Chandeliers! I love them, and there were many to see. And stained glass, another love of mine.

The placement of this window highlighted its simple shape.

In one of the rounded rooms. Towers seemed to be a popular feature when these homes were built. Perhaps because of the light they allowed in?

Even the hardware was exquisite. 

In another of the round rooms.


Just so elegant.

Look at the detail on this chair. The handle in the center is brass. This was in the breakfast room of one home. There were 6 or 8 of these matching chairs.

Check out the pull chain!

Does this lamp make you think of a jellyfish? So pretty though.

I believe this punch set is Blenko glass.

I will have a few more to post tomorrow!

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  1. Nice continuation of this grand tour. The old door reminds me of my grandmother's house when I young and visited her.

  2. The village of Alnmouth, on the Northumberland coast, used to have several houses with towers, built to give views out to sea and often with flat roofs to give an even wider prospect. There are very few of the towers left now, but house that does have one is the house from which I used to lead walks for HF Holidays. What's more I spent a few nights in that room, though the tower is not well maintained and certainly not furnished in the grand style of the ones you visited.

    1. What a small world, I used to work for HF Holidays looking after the walk leaders!

  3. More lovely photos, thank you for these posts.


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