Saturday, December 3, 2022

Out and About

41 this morning and cold rain, clearing off to be sunny and cold. The temp said 54, but the wind!

An afternoon out today. I worked in my booths the past 2 days so this morning was time to clean up the house, then off we went. First stop, our favorite little lunch place for sandwiches and libations. 

We like this place because a friend owns it, buy also because the food is reasonable and good, and we are surrounded by arts and crafts. So nice.

Across the street, a pink door. 

Then a little shopping in town, a drive out to the country to shop at a friend's shop that's only open once a month. We had a nice visit, then back to town for gas, a few things at the grocery store, drop-off at the thrift, and now we are back at our friend's lunch place to wait for the Christmas parade. 

While I am waiting, a cranberry mimosa.

 Just a nice day all around.

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  1. That sounds like a lovely relaxing day out and about with freinds and good food:)


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