Saturday, February 24, 2024

On the Road

39°f this morning, which is about 2°C, I think? Rain, with snow coming.

Despite the yucky weather, we are off to see our oldest son and his family, on the other side of West Virginia today. We will also get to see our newest great-grandchild, two granddaughters,  and one of my sisters. So it will be a fine day whatever the weather. 

But what a change from yesterday's Spring-like weather! 

Yesterday evening, a rainbow even though it wasn't raining,

and today, rain, fog, the occasional flurry,
and then snow.

Then through the tiny mountain town of Thomas, and we are only an hour from our son's house! What a beautiful drive.

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  1. What a pretty drive. I looked to see where Thomas WV was, and then got pulled into looking at the map of West Virginia. What a state! It just goes everywhere! From the Shenandoah valley almost to Pittsburg PA! At least that's where my old eyes thought the boundaries stretched. And most of the highways look just like the one you all were on!

  2. You may keep your weather, thank you. Sun is shining here today and temperatures in the mid 60's! Yay!

  3. You were brave to drive in those conditions.

  4. The weather here ain't really nice either...lots of rain. I am craving sunshine!

  5. This sounds so exciting and wonderful!!! Enjoy!

  6. 13 degrees here when I got up. *wipes tear* But the good news is the sun is shining and it's now in the 20s.

  7. Such a joyful baby! Must make everyone around him smile, too :)


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