Thursday, June 13, 2024

Garden, Weather, and Dogs

59°f, about 15°C this morning. Nice cool morning but will heat to the upper 80s by evening . Clear skies, no rain in sight, very little breeze.

Out in the garden early today, Larry planting the last few tomatoes plants we grew, me putting down more mulch and planting pumpkins--which I realize i probably put in the wrong place as the chipmunks will very likely dig up the seeds. 

Tomatoes are setting on nicely.

Beans are in bloom,

and so is the zucchini,  with a baby one almost ready to pick.

Upper garden, with my fingers at the top of the photo. Oops.

The rattlesnake beans are climbing rapidly up their arbor.

We older people seem to talk a lot about the weather, have you noticed? I wondered why that was, but as I thought about it I realized that when you are older weather impacts almost everything you do. When we were younger, we still had to go to school or work. Of course in school days, weather got our attention if a snow day was possible! But otherwise we hust took it for granted. These days, though, we often plan our day around the forecast. If it is going to rain, we hurry to get our work done outside, if dry we might have to water, if hot we are out early, if cold we work indoors, etc. I imagine it is the same for most retired people.

We went to town yesterday in the hot part of the day to move that mantle down to our booth. It was easier than we expected and looks pretty nice. 

Oh, and we have a new puppy! 

We have been looking for another dog as Daisy is old and we need her to train a new dog in good behavior. Someone dumped three 6-month-old pups at a friend's house. She took them all to the vet to be checked out, given shots, etc. and posted online that she was looking for homes for them. I spotted the dogbi wanted right away but someone else had spoken first. Then yesterday while we were in town she messaged me that the pup had not worked out for the first people, so we picked up Guinness on our way home. We didn't name him, but it is apt, as Larry loves his Guinness!

So far he is settling in easily. Buddy is thrilled to have a playmate,  and Guinness seems to feel right at home here. He knows come, sit, and stay, and is learning his name. We really need 2 good dogs here to keep varmints at bay. Now Daisy can peacefully retire.

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  1. A very nice post! True, when young we took the weather and now... I got my winter-socks out yesterday. In mid-June!!!
    We had a Guinness once. We went home and fell asleep. I´d prefer a dog with that name ;-)

  2. Hi Granny Sue, Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been looking around your blog and see that you live in WV. I live in MD now, but am from WV and relate to many things you talk about. Can I ask what part of the state you live in?

    1. Great to meet new Guinness! Yes weather is a good topic, but actually with climate change, it's even more important. We elders are the ones that remember how weather was 20 or 40 years ago, and can say so. I remember when as a young woman I'd hear elders say something like that, and I'd brush it off. Wish I'd paid more attention now.

  3. Yay for giving Guinness a new home. I'm sure Daisy will teach him the important stuff, how to get treats and run the household. :)

  4. Oh, that is nice for you and Daisy to, as well as Guinness, I'm sure.

  5. Weather, ailments, politics. The older we get the more we talk about these things.

  6. I know Jackson County well. I grew up in Roane County.

  7. Cool that you got Guinness! Daisy would be a good trainer :-)


  8. I am so happy for you and your new family member! Wishing you all many happy years together :)

  9. I also wanted to say your display is very eye-catching. That mantle is lovely, and the pretty little desk draws the eye right in.

  10. Welcome, new pup! Sounds like everything is working out nicely. So glad he found the right home this time. :-)


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