Saturday, January 31, 2009

Old Man and the Snow

Men may grow older, but it doesn't mean they can't have fun. Larry has never been able to resist sledding, or playing in the snow for that matter. Forget that he has to shovel, plow, cart in firewood, clean off vehicles and all the other myriad tasks that come with a good snowfall.

He still can't resist a good sled ride.

He's off!

Umm, is that a creek down there?
He's heading right for it!
Fortunately he stopped just in time.
Mission accomplished! (blur is rain water on my camera--sledding in the rain. A new song?)

Jared made a run too, but he used the old runner sled which didn't go very well in the slushy snow.
Larry had to check out the igloo...

and go inside, of course.

Back at home, he seems to be considering what else he can do in the snow.

I love being married to a man who at almost 60 years old, still loves to play.


Vera said...

I would say you are a lucky woman, you better keep Larry, he sounds like a winner. LOL

bayouwoman said...

I'm sooooo jealous! I'll have to back up and see if you read the comment I made about him a couple posts back!! Y'all are just too cute!

Patty said...

The sledding sounds like fun. I would love to try it. One problem We have damp green grass here. I don't think a sled would move anywhere on that. Oh wait make that two problems. We don't have hills. So would you send your hubby down yours one more time for me!

City Mouse said...

You all are just having the most fun with all that snow! I would almost wish that slush would freeze up a bit more so those boys have some decent sledding ice ... but I don't want you to drive in it! Looks like you have a nice, long sledding hill there.

Matthew Burns said...

You've just gotta love Larry, I don't care who you are! You can take the boy out of Boone County, but you can't take Boone County out of the boy!

My granny always said, "When you get to old to play, you're too old to live."

The sled -riding looked like great fun to me.

earth heart said...

I love it! :))

Granny Sue said...

Today the tractor comes out to plow away the ice on the drveway--it's 50 degrees and everything is melting or turning to ice. Those luge runners have nothing on us getting down our road---it's like a greased track right down. Down is easy--up? not so easy.

BW, Larry is a bricklayer. In the current economy, there is no work at all in the area. So he's home, and I love it. I am a spoiled woman right now. When he's working, we are both working hard to keep up with everything. While he's off, he even dusts! Not like I would, but who's going to complain? If I had my druthers, he'd be home all the time because we can manage on my salary. But what guy wants to do that?

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