Sunday, July 28, 2013

Some Changes and New Finds for the Booths

A side benefit of traveling is stopping at new-to-me junk shops, antique malls, yard sales and thrift shops. I've made some good finds recently and we're getting them into our booths as time allows. Here's a few at our Marietta booth; others are still to be picked up and brought home.

This beautiful oak dresser really stole my heart. There is some excellent carving on around the mirror. The finish is lovely; the mirror has some silvering issues (most old mirrors do, it seems) and there is one handle on a drawer pull missing. Other than that it's a perfect period piece and very well made.

The lady we bought this stand from called it a "poor man's washstand." It is handmade with dovetailed corners on the drawer and a handcarved wood drawer pull.

Lots of new things in this corner. We took an old cabinet out to do some repair and refinishing work on it and replaced it with a Radio Flyer stake side wagon, the small stepladder, red high chair, granny squares afghan, the cast iron griddle and a few other things. It was a challenge to find places for all the kitchenware that was on top of the cabinet; some of it had to come home, to be placed in another of our booths.

It's hard to see the white folding chair in this photo, but the seat is done in a nice needlepoint.

Far up in the mountains I found this ship's wheel and boat painting. You can't see them in the photo, but there is also a bait bucket, a duck planter and a ship's wheel glass ashtray in this display. The sternwheel festival will be coming soon to Marietta, which is right on the Ohio River, so I'm stocking my booth accordingly.

We've had this oak chest for some time; it still hasn't found its new owner. This weekend I added two silver candelabra to it, but they're not easy to see in the photo.

Those are the biggest items we added. There were lots of small things too, and we still have three pieces to pick up later this week so I'll have more photos later on to show you. I hope your weekend had a few successful finds too.

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