Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Walk in the Rain

I took my camera for a walk around the gardens this morning--not in the vegetable gardens because I was wearing my slippers and it was still raining. I don't think there's anything prettier than gardens in the rain. Here's what going on in my little part of the world:

I've seen these old bikes chalk-painted white and they look pretty nice, but I'm happy with this one in its rusty glory.

Old chairs, rusty wheels and flowers just go together. The planter is full of swiss chard, a gift from a friend.

The knockout roses suffered again this past winter but they're staging a comeback. The irises are done; I need to cut back the stems. Add it to the to-do list.

 I've been lucky finding concrete planters this spring for excellent prices. I really like the way they hold moisture, and the dogs can't knock them over.

 The lilies are just beginning to bloom. I should plant more of them as they seem to like the environment here. The pink spirea is just opening too.

 This was my Monday project: reclaiming this herb garden. It was overtaken by lemon balm and bergamot. Both are fine herbs in their own right but they left no room for anything else.

Another reclamation project: Larry is turning the old strawberry bed into a permaculture garden. The asparagus has seeded itself all over this space and we're good with that. We planted blueberries and more rhubarb here last week. There's also a currant bush here, and our early lettuce and onions.

My sister Liz made me this glass totem and I thought it was a perfect addition to our birdbath. I added the clear glass globe for fun.

The wheelbarrow shows how much I pulled out of the herb garden. To the left of the wheelbarrow is the old herb garden. It was taken over by that yellow-green sedum and other weeds so I am letting it go for this year, just keeping it mowed, except for the patch of chives in the center, and the old-fashioned rose bush. Maybe next year I'll plant something there again.

A peek at the early veggies. This garden is doing pretty well so far, and today's rain will certainly help. 

That's the tour! I'll try to post more photos of the vegetable gardens and also of the grapevines and other things growing around here. It's the prettiest time of year, I think.

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Sherrell said...

Susanna - thanks for the morning tour of your gardens. I in an old rocker on a beautiful front porch in North Carolina listening to the morning birds which is a perfect setting for your tour.

Jenny said...

I love the garden tour! Gardening is the on the top of my list of favorite things, even higher than dishes & that's pretty high.

I love the old bike & the 'tale teller' stone.

Nance said...

I've been away. I've missed your posts and your gardens. Thanks for staying constant.

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