Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day, Fun Day: Things to Do

Many of us on the eastern side of the US are enjoying our first major snowfall of the winter, and for some it may be a record-breaker. The first day of a snow everyone is usually pretty excited, but by the second day house fever begins to set in.

There are lots of things to do with and in the snow, however. My very favorite thing is to take a black cloth and a magnifying glass outside and catch snowflakes to look at their amazing shapes. For my post on how I did this and some great snowflake links, check here.

snow ice cream and blackberry cobbler
Second is making snow ice cream. It's so easy! I gave one recipe in this blog post about things to do on a snowy day, but a friend told me another way--a little more expensive, but easier and pretty delicious: put sweetened condensed milk in a large bowl, add vanilla, stir well. Then mix in enough snow to make ice cream consistency. Amounts of each ingredient are up to your taste. And on the blog The Stir, there are SIX recipes using snow! Go check it out!

For little ones who would probably get buried up if they tried to go out and play in this snow, my blog on Winter Wiggle Breaks might be just the thing for some active inside fun.

You can always make paper snowflakes too--these are great for putting on windows in winter to discourage birds from flying into the glass. There are lots of ways to make them and I offered links to them in this blog. I also made paper stars for our Christmas tree one year--need to do this again. You can find the directions and my photos here.

Of course, should you be brave and venture out into the snow with your kids, why not try building a snow igloo? Grandson Jared built this one in 2009, and it was a pretty sturdy little place.

Have fun, enjoy the inside time and some outside time, do some cooking, make some crafts, read some good books, and most of all, appreciate the opportunity to take a break from routine!

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annie said...

Great post, haven't made snow cream in years.
Loved your stars.
My big brother made an igloo one year when I was maybe 3 or 4, I still remember crawling into it. Hadn't thought of that in so long, thanks for the memory jog!

Susan Anderson said...

That's a cool igloo! And I never knew you could look at snowflakes that way. I guess you can tell I grew up in California.


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