Friday, January 19, 2018

What's in the Bag?

My new camera arrived yesterday. I'm not sure I like it yet; apparently it has to have another $200 lens to get the zoom I was used to with my old camera. There will be a learning curve ahead as I try to figure this thing out.

Meanwhile, I pulled out one of my older handbags, thinking to use it for a camera bag since this thing will need me to carry accessories. I can't remember when I carried this handbag, but I think it's been over a year. And was I surprised at what was still in there! Usually I clean out my purses when I change them out, but I sure didn't do this one. I dumped it out on my dresser to sort.

So here we have a little penknife, an S-hook, a few pegboard hooks, a hair tie, a furniture repair marker, storyteller Larry Staats' pen with built-in flashlight, a tape measure, hooks for hanging weights in a clock, a huge screw thingie, a small set screw for something, and safety pins.

The picture was taken with my new camera, no flash in fairly dim light. As I said, learning curve ahead.

All the kinds of things I guess a woman needs if she has a booth in an antique mall. although I sure wonder what that big screw was for, and where the little knife came from.

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Quinn said...

I "always" wash my coats and vests before putting them in the cedar closet in Spring, but this year I stuck my hand in a coat pocket and about jumped out of my skin when my hand hit "fur" was a big handful of end-of-season cashmere, thank goodness!
But how I WISH I could find a knife. I've lost the one I always carry in my pocket (carefully placed atop the dryer while my dungarees were in the washer, and then GONE) and that makes two lost in the past 6 months. Drives me a little bit nuts when I am trying to economize on everything, to lose a tool I need every single day.
Good luck with the new camera! I hope it soon feels like an extension of your hand and eye.

Jenny said...

What kind of camera did you get? My husband gave me a Sony A6000 for Christmas last year & I'm super frustrated with learning macro on it. It's the first camera I've had that you can use different lenses on but I don't really want to buy any more.

Have you seen the lenses you can use on smart phones? I love using my smart phone for pictures & am thinking about a macro lens for it.

Granny Sue said...

Jenny, it's another Lumix by Panasonic.That's what my last one was and it lasted 10 years. I wouldn't have bought another one but I managed to chip the lens in a couple places which made those spots on my photos. I got a very good price on this one, and it has excellent reviews. Lumix GF5. My old one was a Lumix FZ35 and had a fantastic zoom. I may try to buy another one and keep both of them!

This one I will get the hang of. You're ahead of me since I don't even know what macro means! But this one takes nice crisp photos and is lighter. I found the owner's manual online and that has helped. I'll get the hang of it eventually.

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