Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Night, Morning

59°f this morning, 15°C. Cloudy and showers after 2 brilliant, clearer days.

When I went outside to look for the northern lights Saturday at midnight, I took this video.

So dark.  So quiet.

Then this morning, I stepped out around 6, and this is what it sounded like.

So many birds, singing their hearts out! Do you recognize any of the songs? I confess, I cannot. I can usually identify a cardinal, wren, and goldfinch, along with the brown thrasher (although I sometimes confuse it with the wood thrush), catbird,  and a few others, but the morning chorus is too tangled for me to be able to pick out the individual singers.

Yesterday was garden-centric, as we took advantage of the almost-dry-enough soil to run the tiller, weed and plant. I tilled my garden and put in dill, basil, and cucumber seeds--replacing the cucumber seeds that failed to come up, probably rotted in the ground. I also planted 3 rhubarb plants, and weeded the strawberries. I discovered a couple volunteer squash coming up in the strawberry patch,  and I left them in place. Also found a volunteer tomato in the squash patch, and when it is  little bigger I will probably move that one.

Larry tilled the other 2 gardens, and hoed between the plants. He was pleased to see that the potatoes are up and that the corn is doing well. He will have to put up supports for the peas this week.

When I finished in my veggie garden, I tilled up a strip for wildflower seeds and planted them, and then planted Lantana plants and a rosebush in my flower beds. 

We ended the day by the firepit with some wine and the company of our dogs. And believe me, we slept well! Today's rain will settle the seeds and new plants nicely, I hope. 

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  1. A hard day's work, I'd say. And so glad to hear some volunteer plants are there, as well as they ones planted. You'll soon have the benefits of all your efforts! I'm sure that you have that in mind to get through the sweating efforts of the plantings. Glad you slept well!

  2. The temperature has reached to 27C over here today..just hot and nice. I can identify some birds, but can't do when so many all together.

  3. I pick a very common bird and then look up its song. Then I try to tease that song out of the morning chorus. I will never be great at it.

  4. Volunteer plants - such a cute saying - I have some, too, no idea, maybe weed, though. Temps sadly dropped again here.
    You have more than one garden? Wow. I think after such a wonderful day, ending so nicely, I would sleep well, too. Nice morning sounds!

  5. I expect to sleep well tonight, when it comes. About to dine on baked potato with Judy's special sauce made of leftover Sriracha chicken, onions, peppers, milk gravy, etc. And melon salad.

  6. You have been busy. I love a good volunteer plant and usually let them be. Ending the day by the fire pit is the best choice, I think.

  7. You stole my idea! I was sitting in the hot tub the other morning and about 5:30am and closed my eyes and just listened. I thought, I should record this and put it in the blog. Almost identical to yours but add a crow or two and several moo's from the cattle. Does it get any better than that?!?!

  8. There's a great free app called Merlin that has a newer feature identifying bird songs. You should download it to identify the tangled mess of bird songs. It's fantastic, especially for those of us with aging ears. Batsy in Idaho


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